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Day One is the prologue for Chinatown Detective Agency, a mystery adventure game inspired by the classic Carmen Sandiego series that will take you across Singapore and the world in hot pursuit of criminals, witnesses and clues.

I remember my first day at INTERPOL like it was yesterday. Now it was just me, my office and my very first case.

You’ll guide new PI Amira Darma through her first day in the detective business, managing your new agency, using real-world research to crack cases, and taking on one of three clients, each with their own story and secrets.

The world is in a state of flux as the global economy nears the nadir of its decade-long collapse. Singapore stands as a last refuge of order but even here the government struggles on the brink of chaos. Private detectives are now the first call for those citizens able to afford a semblance of justice...

Rupert Zhou: The Fixer

Rupert was the go-to man for the city’s elite. Who knew what was hiding behind that implacable expression? One way or another, I was going to find out.

A park, a bench, a midnight rendezvous, Rupert had a flair for the dramatic. But his extensive connections could be useful to Amira...if she can prove herself reliable.

Tiger Lily: The Kingmaker

Well dressed, elegant...a society girl through and through. And that name: Tiger Lily. Delicate and fierce at once. A real enigma.

Tiger Lily knows everyone who’s everyone in Singapore. Strange then that no-one knows her, not even her real name. Someone like that strolls into an agency like Amira’s? Business was already looking up.

Keeran Iyer: The Reformer

He held himself like a schoolboy on the first day of class, honest and respectable. Part of me felt sorry for him: I’d seen what this city could do to men like that.

Keeran is a politician determined to clean up the corruption ravaging the heart of the Lion City. But this strength is also his weakness. Can a man like him survive in a town like this?


In the Lion City your choices matter, and your actions will change the course of Singapore’s future. Even on her first day, Amira will make decisions that could help get the city back on track...or send it spiralling into chaos.

Use your own real-life detective skills to solve the cases, choose a side, and take your first steps towards unravelling a global conspiracy!

This is our prologue for Chinatown Detective Agency, including the first three cases you'll have to solve. We hope you enjoy it, and we look forward to your feedback. If you enjoyed the game, do wishlist us on Steam!


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Most people have commented what I already wanted to say. it's a very good demo though, and shows a lot of promise. The one thing I'd like to point out is the oath finding of the characters isn't super great, I got stuck on some terrain object in the apartment in Shangai, I also think a run toggle could be useful, I understand not wanting to have the character move fast all of the time, particularly with how nice the art looks, but still a toggle would be great. I am eagerly awaiting the release, and just might donate to the kickstarter so it gets fully fleshed out. 

Not too bad! Like Outbound Flight I am now interested and want to see more world-building, more ambiance in general. I didn't mind the "take a flight" or linearity as a clear tutorial for the alpha, but I'm sure it can be made deeper.

I also wanted to see what kind of bonus there was for going above and beyond. I know it's silly for a demo, but the little rewards drag me in.

There is one moment where the voice actress of Darma and the text don't line up. Again it's a small thing, but I see this in indie games quite a bit.

I hope this helps.

Good Morning....I am using a mac and I have the demo downloaded. I also downloaded unarchiver. The file, in my download folder, allows me to click it immediately and I see the CDA logo but I cannot launch it. I get the error mentioned above, however, I dont have the option to open with.

OS: Catalina/ MacBook Pro 2017

I enjoyed the demo, loved the art and would buy the game. Just a couple of comments.

1. Ng is pronounced "Mm" rather than "Ung", as far as I know.

2. It would be nice if the puzzles were more organic to the setting. Like, for example, in the coded message, *why* would he write "Lud's Town" instead of "London"? That doesn't make any sense. You could have made the clue some location in London, e.g. a famous street or building, and then the player had to look it up to find out where it was.

The pelmanism mini game was a great idea and I like that you didn't explicitly tell the player what to do!

Hi there, thanks so much for taking the time to play our demo! Glad you liked it.

1) Since the VO artists are locals, I usually follow their lead on pronunciation. It's also the way I hear it pronounced here.

2) If Philip were trying to cover his tracks, why wouldn't he use a far more obscure clue than one that would easily be figured out like a famous street?

Yes you're right, we do need some brief instructions for this! We're planning on having that in the next demo build, for sure.

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Hi! I'll be backing the Kickstarter, but just wanted to drop my general impressions of the alpha.

* That first mission is *very* linear. I was kinda hoping for a little bit of play as far as dialogue options, investigating/examining surroundings, talking to people. Basically, I was hoping for much more flavor. The only things I could interact with were simply the items that progressed the story. Made it feel less like a point-and-click and more like an interactive novel. Some stuff I wanted to do:

  • Examine the robot.
  • Examine the books in the library. What books/art/displays be prominent in a Singapore library?
  • Examine my office to get a sense of Amira's character.
  • Examine the tree signage at the garden.
  • Talk to the other people at the library, just for flavor or to see if they witnessed anything. What would people in Singapore be talking about in that situation?

* The decoding part was pretty tedious and that's where I spent most of my time in the demo. I think there can be a more interesting way of decoding the message, especially in a library. Even being provided a section of the Herodotus text would be cool. But just straight translating a block of numbers into letters wasn't fun.

* The ending was a little anti-climactic. Flying to London just to shoot a guy. We could've shot the guy at home. I think if we're gonna globetrot, it needs to add something to the story.

* There was a small line about that tree in the botanical garden and its history and connection to Singapore. I loved that a lot and hope to see more cultural/historical flavor text, as someone who's never been there. I'd love for Singapore to become a character all its own.

* Felt the lack of music and sound effects, though I assume those will come later.


* Someone else pointed it out, but I backed out of the library search dialogue to go look up the text and I couldn't access the computer again until I traveled somewhere else.

* You can walk up the sign near the tree at the botanical gardens.

* When you come back from the woman's apartment and return to the library, the exclamation mark over the library terminal is back.

Final Impressions:

The mission felt very bare bones, but the bones were *very* good. That opening cinematic was amazing and immediately got me hooked. The visuals are fantastic. The writing is entertaining and feels natural. Mei Ting got some genuine laughs out of me. And I love the idea of doing some investigation outside of the game.

Personal preference: the writing is strong enough as-is. If supplying voice acting for everything starts to eat at the budget, I'd say lose it. I think making the dialogues more interactive or just having more flavor text (or interior monologues) would compensate.

Also, that key art for the game is stunning! I'd buy a poster of it, honestly.

Anyway, best of luck with the rest of the development!

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Hey there! Firstly, thanks so much for your support, you're helping us big time with trying to make this game a reality sooner rather than later, you have the whole team's gratitude. I read through your feedback and this is exactly the kind of thing we as the devs need to read from our early players and testers to be able craft a much better game. I think a lot of the things you pointed out make perfect sense, and it reinforces the notion that players want to interact with objects and environments, no matter how trivial as it builds on the immersiveness of the world. You said a lot of things that I've actually been thinking about doing myself - specifically, letting the writing shine and maybe instead of full VO, voicing the first few words of the most crucial dialogue, just like the RPGs from Bioware. Again, thanks so much for these - your feedback is definitely going to shape our development of the game, so I appreciate you taking the time to share this with us. Thank you from the whole team!

I just downloaded and started to play... Wonderful stuff!  I love Singapore and I love Sci-Fi and I love detective games!  Good job.  Already a Kickstarter supporter.  Looking forward to the end product!

Thank you so very much, we're glad you liked it!

Just finished the demo--amazing work! I will be backing this Kickstarter for sure :) I did notice that sometimes the voice actors words were slightly different than the typed dialogue but not a huge deal. Also it would be nice to have some sort of "minimize screen" option or a link directly to a web browser maybe? I wasn't sure how to get out of the game in order to look up the quote so I did a ctrl alt delete (haha). So excited to dig deeper into the case!!

Hi there, thanks so much for playing the demo. We're really glad you liked it! Yes, some of the dialogue is a bit of a mismatch, just a few minor things that we didn't get to address before the launch of the demo. We'll get that fixed! Thanks so much for the feedback about minimising the screen for easy switching from game to research - very important insight. We'll look into how we can make this much easier. Again, thanks so much!

This looks really promising! Fun demo and super pretty graphics, nice voice acting as well. Looking forward to the full game!

Was browsing around for any free game to play, and this gem caught my eye instantly. I absolutely love everything about this game, the Setting is truly fantastic, the plot immersed me from the beginning. Voice work is phenomenal, I loved the use of looking up the quote for the library and all the puzzles are good challenge. The artwork, signs, and design of the areas are amazing. Can't wait to see this fully released!

Thank you so much, we're stoked you liked it!

rupert owes me 300 bucks or am i supposed to pay the librarian out of my own pocket? better have my money, zhao...

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Haha -- "I ain't runnin' a charity here, Zhao..." (it's *Zhou* by the way)

game glitched out after i shut the window to online search for the author of the book (no idea if connected to that). when i got back into the game the character sprite seemed to walk behind objects (the one i definitely noticed was the table or whatever it is that you can look at in the tiger lily lobby, but i think light from cpu screens too). i wasn't able to interact with the library computer anymore, and when i entered my office the character sprite was gone. after some travelling back and forth everything returned to normal and i was able to continue. other than that it looked very very promising, definitely gonna check this out in the future.

That's very kind of you, thanks so much! And I've noted the bugs you've experience, we'll look into it. Thanks again!

I just tried the demo.  Very solid work so far.  I love the HUD and area transitions, it is fairly original compared how most other sci-fi setting P&C games I've tried have handled it.  The voicework is good save for one little detail: the man you're supposed to meet after talking to the policeman.  His cadence sounds lyrical, like he's constantly mocking you.  I was immediately suspicious of him because of that.

I'm surprised I couldn't interact with any of the characters or objects I saw but that makes sense as a conservation of detail.  The puzzles were well made and felt natural to the story.  The last two bits were a surprise.  I was not expecting to have to aim a gun or arrange a flight.

I'm looking forward to the full release and wish you luck with development.

Thank you very much! To be honest, Rupert sounds that way because it was intentional (he can be a condescending little man, hehe). In the full version, there will certainly be more interactions with objects and NPCs - at the moment, we've only managed to work on the bare essentials. Again, thanks for the support :)

This is a really promising point and click adventure and hope to see more the story so far has been interesting and really want to see more of the shootout scenes that was a really neat mechanic to show at the end of the demo. my play through here: 


I laughed a lot during the playthrough, thanks so much for playing it! And thanks so much for the kind words!

Thank you for responding and glad you enjoyed it :D