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hi! how does the "Wine in a Time of War" mission work? is there a way to check progress, because although I thought I had donated 3000 bottles already, I still failed the mission? or does some message pop up once I have donated all the bottles I need?

edit: welp, after completing other missions, it seems that I simply calculated wrong and thus did not get the popup.

but now I have another gripe - how come the higher Prestige critics keep altering their hints for every crop? it's impossible to hit that perfect mark if the critics, for example, rate my Chardonnay at 4.5 stars regardless if it's 6 or 7 Sweetness. neither of them seem correct, because at 6 they suggest it's too low, yet 7 is too high?

A delightful semi-casual tycoon style game with a soundtrack that really puts you at ease even as you juggle your fields and finances. There's a perfectly struck balance between simplicity and complexity here, wherein all you REALLY need to do is grow grapes and make wine -- but if you want to really excel at the game and bring in the money needed to advance your estate, you need to give more thought to it. What varietal to grow, where and how and when to grow it and harvest and process it, how to properly manage the growth -- none of this is needed to enjoy the game, but it's all there if you want to really become a vinting master.

Not only is it a fun and enjoyable experience, it's also somewhat educational! I don't know if the developers come from a vinting background or just did a healthy deal of research, but the game really does draw from the world of vinology, and you'll learn a lot about different kinds of wine and how the wine world works. A neat bonus!

My only complaints are that the voice-overs feel somewhat unnecessary, though that might just be a matter of personal taste; and the tutorial is comprehensive enough, but still somewhat clunky, such that I still refer to it sometimes about a few mechanics.

For $8 it's a game that will give you your money's worth and maybe some more. The chance to access the "chance and circumstance" cards certainly adds some longevity as you strive for enough 5-star wine ratings to get your next secret surprise bonus or challenge.

In short, a simple but very solid game!

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Really enjoying this so far! It's taking a while for me to get anywhere, but I'm enjoying the process. It has an interesting balance between being difficult and relaxed, and I like the fact that you have to experiment to figure out a what's the best combination of stats for a wine

Some feedback:

1) It would be useful to have a sidebar to more easily check on barrels without having to go through the menus and pause the game

2)The voice acting is good, but sometimes there are pauses between words or sentences that sound unintended which is annoying to sit through

3) It would be useful to have a notification once a shop has finished selling your wine

4) It's way too easy to accidentally click through the wine fermenting or pressing, and forget to adjust it for each wine, unlike with setting barrels or crushing methods. It would be nice to have similar ways to prevent the player from accidentally skipping past unless they actually select a time for fermenting and a percentage for pressing.

(Edit: Removed one bit of feedback upon realising there actually is a way of checking previous wines to see which ones were good wines. Might still be useful to favourite them or something, but this is still quite helpful)